GrowthDeFi is a decentralized ecosystem that focuses on capital efficiency and maximizing returns through a variety of products.

The goal is to maximize tokenholder value and maintain the best yields and products in the market.

The ecosystem is composed of three tokens:


GRO is the core token of the ecosystem, it has governance rights over everything, it is deflationary through multiple mechanisms and it gets a share of the revenue from anything that is built.

GRO can be staked for more GRO (stkGRO) or for BNB (GRO Yield).


WHEAT is the token used to incentivize the products of the GrowthDeFi ecosystem. In exchange, a large portion of the revenues are directed towards buybacking and burning it, the ultimate goal is to make WHEAT deflationary.


gROOT is a diversified way to invest into GrowthDeFi products such as strategy tokens, PMTs and more…

gROOT can be staked in gROOT Harvest for BNB.


Deflationary Mechanisms

All three tokens (GRO, WHEAT and gROOT) share the deflationary aspect because the ultimate goal is driving up demand and reducing the supply, here are some of its deflationary mechanisms:

-WHEAT Buyback Contract (Buybacks and burns WHEAT and GRO)

-stkGRO (Burns GRO)

-GRO Bridge (Burns GRO)

-GRO Yield (Buybacks and burns GRO)

- gROOT Harvest (Buybacks and burns gROOT)

- gROOT Treasury (Buybacks and burns gROOT)


There are many ways to earn within the GrowthDeFi ecosystem:

-Earn WHEAT & CAKE using WHEAT PancakeSwap strategy tokens

-Staking WHEAT

-Providing liquidity to one of the core pairs to earn WHEAT

-Staking GRO into GRO Yield to earn BNB

-Staking GRO into stkGRO to earn GRO

-Staking gROOT into gROOT Harvest to earn BNB