1. Introduction

The following documentation covers the essential information to know about the Growth DeFi ecosystem. It details product structures, tokenomics, and overall dynamics between tokens and products.



MOR is a stablecoin overcollateralized by yield-bearing collaterals.

WHEAT Vaults (stkTokens)

Wheat is a yield optimizer and tokenization of yield farming positions. These yield farming positions can be used as collateral to mint MOR.



GRO is the governance token of the ecosystem. MOR’s system surplus buybacks and burns GRO.


Wheat is the incentive token of the ecosystem. Buyback and burn mechanics are implemented through performance fees on stkTokens in combination with fee collectors.


gROOT is the index token of the ecosystem. It uses the ecosystem’s products (as well as other BSC DeFi platforms) to generate yield. Extremely low supply.

All of the above products and tokens are explained in detail in this documentation.

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