Growth DeFi

6. gROOT

gROOT Contract Address (BSC): 0x8b571fe684133aca1e926beb86cb545e549c832d
Circulating Supply: Approximately 1,600
gROOT is a diversified way to invest into Growth DeFi products such as stkTokens and MOR.
Deflationary Mechanisms for gROOT:
  • 3% of every deposit/withdrawal in gROOT Harvest buybacks gROOT
  • The gROOT treasury buybacks gROOT with part of its cash flow over time
Long-Term goals for gROOT:
1. Increase the treasury holdings
2. Increase the amount distributed back to gROOT holders through gROOT Harvest
3. Decrease the circulating and total supply
Last modified 2yr ago