Fee Collectors

Fee Collectors:

For every strategy token there is a Fee Collector contract, its functions are to collect the fees, stake them in the corresponding contracts to generate a return and sending the profits to the main WHEAT Buyback Contract.

Here is an example on how it works taking the PancakeSwap strategy token for CAKE/BNB as an example:

1-The Fee Collector contract receives the deposit and performance fees from the CAKE/BNB strategy contract, this fees are received in the form of CAKE/BNB LP tokens.

2-The Fee Collector contract stakes the CAKE/BNB LP tokens in the PancakeSwap MasterChef contract in order to farm CAKE.

3-It harvests the CAKE and sends it to the WHEAT Buyback Contract.

The TVL in a Fee Collector contract increases in three ways:

-Deposits & Performance Fees increase its LP token balance

-Swap Fees increase the worth of each LP token

-If the underlying tokens in the LP appreciate so does the LP token