3.5 ApeSwap x Growth DeFi

One of the key parts of MOR is the symbiotic relationship that exists between ApeSwap (a popular AMM on BSC) and MOR. MOR enables ApeSwap users to get the most out of their BANANA by allowing them to keep earning yield from staking rewards while being able to mint MOR with the collateral.

Growth DeFi Benefits:

  • MOR/BUSD ApeSwap LP Token farm incentivized with BANANA (which means increased liquidity for MOR)

ApeSwap Benefits:

  • Most trades using MOR are routed through the MOR/BUSD ApeSwap Liquidity Pool (with the exception of arbitrages between the ApeSwap LP and the PSM). As a result, whenever someone buys/sells MOR for leveraging/deleveraging/trading, they are adding volume to ApeSwap.

  • stkBANANA supported as an ilk to mint MOR (which means users can leverage up on their BANANA positions and earn a higher yield)

  • 2% of all BANANA farmed by the stkBANANA contract is burned

  • 5% of all BANANA farmed by stkTokens that use ApeSwap LP Tokens is burned

The goal is to become one of the dominant pools in ApeSwap, both in terms of volume and TVL.

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