5. GRO

GRO Contract Address (BSC): 0x336ed56d8615271b38ecee6f4786b55d0ee91b96

GRO Contract Address (ETH): 0x09e64c2b61a5f1690ee6fbed9baf5d6990f8dfd0

Circulating Supply: Approximately 380,000

GRO is the core governance token of the Growth DeFi ecosystem. It is bought back and burned using the excess system surplus in MOR.

System Surplus increases from three sources:

  1. Stability Fees

  2. Liquidation Penalties

  3. PSM Fees

It is ideal to always have some MOR reserved in the system surplus to protect against black swan events. This excess amount is used to buyback and burn GRO.

GRO is the governance token used to vote on the important decisions for MOR such as stability fees, debt ceilings and other important parameters.

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