GRO Tokenomics

GRO Tokenomics:

GRO is the core token of the ecosystem, it has governance rights over everything, it is deflationary through multiple mechanisms and it gets a share of revenue from anything that is built.

GRO can be staked for more GRO (stkGRO) or for BNB (GRO Yield).

Contract address:

ETH: 0x09e64c2b61a5f1690ee6fbed9baf5d6990f8dfd0

BSC: 0x336ed56d8615271b38ecee6f4786b55d0ee91b96

Supply Distribution as of 06/04/2021:

Circulating supply of 342,286 GRO

Total supply of 580,977 GRO

Deflationary Mechanisms for GRO:

-GRO Bridge (1.5% of every swap is burnt)

-stkGRO (5% of every stake/unstake is burnt)

-GRO Yield (3% of every deposit/withdrawal is burnt)

-WHEAT Buyback Contract (15% of the revenue this contract gets is used to buyback and burn GRO)

Long-Term goals for GRO

1-Decreasing even further the circulating and the total supply through deflationary mechanisms and additional treasury burns.

2-Increasing the utility and profit-sharing capabilities of GRO through contracts such as stkGRO and GRO Yield.

3-Increasing the revenue sources from which GRO benefits.