gROOT Tokenomics


gROOT is a diversified way to invest into GrowthDeFi products such as strategy tokens, PMTs and more…

gROOT can be staked in gROOT Harvest for BNB.

Contract address (BSC):


Supply Distribution as of 06/04/2021:

Circulating supply of 1,840 gROOT

Total supply of 5,000 gROOT

Deflationary Mechanisms for gROOT:

-3% of every deposit/withdrawal in gROOT Harvest buybacks gROOT

-The gROOT treasury buybacks gROOT with part of its cashflow overtime

Long-Term goals for gROOT:

1-Increase the treasury holdings

2-Increase the amount distributed back to gROOT holders through gROOT Harvest

3-Decrease the circulating and total supply